Motion Education Facilities


Dynamites main goal from day one has always been to find a place for everyone to be stay active and have fun, and what a road it's been to make that dream a reality. Since Dynamite Gymnastics Center was opened in 2009 by a local family of gymnastics enthusiasts 3 other Dynamite facilities have been developed all with their own flare and focus.

With over 80 years of gymnastics experience, from coaching to competition this family built their gym from the ground up. Now they have over 1400 students, 80 employees and countless smiling faces. Three years later Dynamite triumphed again with another facility just 300ft from the original. Focusing on a more 






4990 Boiling Brook Parkway

Rockville, MD 20852


M-F 8am-8pm
Sa 8am-6pm
Su 9am-2pm