Private instruction for advanced improvement

Motion Athletics leverages the scientifically-proven benefits of a sports like gymnastics, parkour and martial arts to develop strength, confidence, focus, motor planning and social skills in your child. Sessions are customized to work towards your child’s individual developmental goals and are held in safe and challenging environments specifically selected for each student. We focus on comprehensive, engaging sessions to have fun and grow without focusing on the work. While they enjoy what they love they learn life skills and obtain knowledge of the gym, skills and rules, all to help them progress in aspects of activity and life.

One-on-one instruction is designed to focus entirely on each child’s goals and allows us to work at the child’s pace. By building up a child’s confidence we are guiding them toward active growth and success not only in the gym but through life skills practiced while playing.  This program is dedicated to helping each child succeed no matter what their skill level, whether your child is behind, or excelling we use these private sessions, in succession with tools to help advance kids not only actively but with life skills and goal as well. 











Peer Play

There is no better teacher than a friend

Peer Play is a new program at Motion Education designed to pair your child with a peer already enrolled in Dynamite classes or team. It is our goal to use social stimulation with a peer to help fuel your child’s ambition and help them achieve more. By creating an environment where children can work one-on-one with a peer facilitator, children have the freedom to play, learn and be social in a comfortable environment. 
Each peer works with a Motion child to help teach them skills, games and even the rules of the gym but also cheers them on, and assists them in overcome obstacles. Not only do the peers participate in all activities and demonstrate new challenges, they allow for more kid friendly communication for more social interactions.






By taking a child and building confidence, strength and knowledge of their surroundings we are giving them the tools they need to succeed in an otherwise unfamiliar environment.
Integration allows us to move at each child's pace to keep them excited and engaged in a sport until they are ready to participate in a class with other children. Regardless of what aspects of class your child needs practice in our instructors want to help them become better students so that they can excel.

Integration is about helping a child feel comfortable in a Dynamite class. It is important to the success of each child that they feel comfortable and ready for their first day with a new teacher and new friends, Integration gives future Dynamite students the tools they need for gauranteed success. By taking a student and working with them privately to build up their skills, terminology and overall confidence while working side by side with their future classmates.






Parent Play is currently only used into our Motion Martial Arts program. Our partner, Pure Performance Martial Arts Center, located next to Dynamite Agility Center, takes children and their parents to the mat for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu(BJJ) classes. Using obstacle courses, and interactive play, obstacle courses help keep kids focused and active while the instructor teaches the parent the skills of BJJ. It is then up to the parent to interact with their child, teaching them what they have learned. This program is perfect for parents to spend a little extra time with their kids, connecting, and learning with them as they grow.